Tournaments 2020

Looking forward, here is a list of tournaments scheduled for the rest of the year:

  • Friday, Sep. 11, 7:30 pm start: CTC Championships Men’s & Ladies’ Singles round 1 (Members only)
  • Saturday, Sep. 12, 9 am start: CTC Championships Men’s & Ladies’ Singles (Members only)
  • Sunday, Sep. 13, 10 am start: CTC Championships Men’s & Ladies’ Doubles (Members only)
  • Friday, Sep. 18, 10 am start: OTA Junior U14 and U18
  • Saturday, Sep. 19, 9 am start: OTA Men’s Singles Open and Junior U14 and U18
  • Sunday, Sep. 20, noon start: CTC Championships Men’s & Ladies’ 55+ Doubles (Members only)
  • Saturday, Sept. 26, 10 am start: CTC Championships Mixed Doubles (Members only)
  • Sunday, Sept. 27, 10 am start: CTC Championships Men’s & Ladies’ 55+ Singles (Members only)

Please note: only club members who have paid their fees can participate in any club championship event. A fee is $10 for one event and $15 for as many events as you want to play.

Now, I understand that some people have the original tournament schedule that came with our registration papers at the start of the season. Since that date, we were able to secure the OTA Open Division Tournament which needed to be held in mid-Sept. As a result, a number of dates were changed and added. The list of dates above is the result of these changes. We, on the board, wish to apologize if these changes have caused any inconveniences however the opportunity to have a major tournament come to Chatham was not to passed up. This event will bring the top players in the province to Chatham. The event is already being advertised and we hope to attract a large number of viewers and then hopefully new tennis members. This event can only help the club.

Sign up sheets for all events have been posted at the club with the exception of the OTA Open. In order to sign up for that event, you need to sign up online through the OTA as an OTA member. How do I become an OTA member you ask, a good question the answer is simple.

First, log into the OTA website at, next, there is a tab stating Player Registration click it and fill in the boxes. All the information you require is on this site