President’s Message

Have you seen how great the place is looking???!!!! Our members must have the Midas touch, considering what we had to endure to get here.

Let’s face it, last year was brutal. Worst of all was the tragic loss of the Moondog, Brian Mooney, one of our great and longtime leaders in fun and friendship. Rest in peace, Brian, and rest assured that your spirit will forever be to us like the bright warmth of the sun coming out in the springtime to lead us to the courts.

And we had a flood. And we had an ice storm. And we had weeks of dust storms, diesel clouds, and the roar of machines as the parking lot was RRRRripped out and completely rebuilt, a process that stretched past the end of summer and into the school year. Last but not least, we were surrounded by mud while we waited for sod.

AND YET WE PLAYED ON, so generously supported by our wonderful neighbours at St. James Church, who kindly shared their parking lot! All the adversity merely honed our focus and made us watch the ball even closer. This year, we’re ready. We’re primed. We’re sharp and keen and ready to have the best season of our lives!

To old friends back from the sunny south, welcome home. To our four-season members who kept in touch all winter at the gym, ain’t it grand to get outside? And to all our new friends, and to any web surfers reading this and soon to be our newest friends, welcome to the 2019 Chatham Tennis Club!

Tim Baker

CTC President